Thursday, January 19, 2012

Create an Heirloom...A Chinese Antique

While shopping in San Francisco just before Christmas
we saw a lovely antique Chinese cabinet and since every room could use a little "Chinoiserie" I decided to tackle this project

I took photos and
thought I might try to make my own
"Chinese Antique"
 Last week my husband reminded me of an old cabinet we had in the garage and said it might be something to make into our "heirloom"
I immediately began stripping the chipping paint off the 
old chest.

and ended up with this:

I painted the body with a very small brush and acrylic paints using raw umber, red, black and burnt umber mixed with water.  I taped off a section for the inset and painted it

When I pulled the tape off some of the paint came with it and
"voilĂ " my prefect method for distressing

After painting the insert I added some Chinese peonies
and black trim.  I also distressed the top of the chest
and the sides for authenticity and
I rubbed some bee's wax from this year's honey harvest onto the chest and then buffed it for a little glow.

This project was quite easy and didn't take much time at all!
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