Monday, January 17, 2011

The Art of Gwynne Reid

It's an absolutely beautiful morning here in California. It's one of those days where it could be spring, it could be fall but it's the dead of winter.  I will enjoy it while it lasts!


My husband's family is very artistic.  Today I will introduce you to his 
daughter, Gwynne.  She is a very talented artist and her
artwork adorns our home.

We recently framed two of Gwynne's newest pieces that go well in our "French" style living
room.  I love Paris but don't normally care for Eiffel Tower pictures, statues or paintings but this is an exception.  It's just so whimsical I fell in love with it.

Gwynne brought this painting over while we were having a party.  A bidding war ensued and I won!  I also love the French style whimsy of this painting.

Gwynne was quite young when she painted this.  It's perfect in our dining room.

What a fun "chess board."  We also have an abstract black and white checker board of hers.

This sunflower is my drawing.  I did it about 15 years ago when I sketched non-stop for about 6 months.  I really would like to find time to draw again and perhaps learn to paint, too.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pleated Pouch Presents

I found a great tutorial on pleated pouches at Skip to my Lou and decided to make a few small gifts.

I found the tutorial very good and learned about some of the pitfalls in making these.
I found that a 6" zipper worked better than the suggested 7".  It's also very important to line
up the front part of the pouch with the backside while installing the zipper.
This isn't very apparent at first but after my seam ripper got a workout I learned!
Ladybug Clutch
A cute ladybug button adorns this pouch.  My mother loved hers!

Elegant Clutch Tutorial
An elegant black and white one for my dear friend, Ady (made one of these for myself, too!)
Zippered Pouch.  Cat fabric.
My friend, neighbor, cat lover and cat sitter, Ollie got this one topped in beige.

Pleated Pouch Tutorial Post
My friend Phyllis (also a cat lover) go this one in pink.
They are useful for so many things that clutter up a purse.  A lipstick, jewelry, gum, pen, receipts.

two pink pleated pouches
 Two 'pretty in pink' ones for my daughter's darling nieces, Rain and Ayla.

Pleated Pouch with horse fabric and Pony Button Embellishment
   My niece, Ali loves horses.  Hope she likes the little pony button!

Elegant Burlap Bag in Black
Black Burlap Bag Tutorial.  Burlap Purse, learn how to make
And for my daughter's new mother-in-law a burlap bag.

I  MUST make one of these for ME!  I'm getting better at the burlap bag and have
found that iron on interfacing is a must for the body.  I've also learned how to feed interfacing into the straps after I've made and turned them making this bag much sturdier and easier to make.

I just made another burlap bag...white with yellow print lining.  It's shaped just like the black bag above.  Tutorial coming!


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