Monday, August 30, 2010

Installing New Carpet:'s Like Moving...TWICE

When was the last time you had carpet installed?  For us it's been about 18 years and it was really time.  Last year we put hardwood floors in the kitchen, breakfast area, living room, dining room and study and this year (TODAY) we re-carpeted the bedrooms and family room.  The prelude to this was moving EVERYTHING out of those rooms and closets and this was the perfect time to put in new baseboards and do some painting.  Talk about a PROJECT!  :)  We have been very busy beavers, to say the least.  First you move everything out...then you get to move it back in again!

This is our dining room at the moment!

  You should see the master bathroom!

 Here is the living room!!! You can't even see it!

 I'm really linking the way the carpet goes around the 
new fire stove and wood box.  I didn't want basebeboards around it
and I think it is looking nice.  See the carpet power stretcher they
are using to install the carpet?

    He's almost done with the family room. Time to move back in!



  1. We put hardwood in the bedroom two weeks ago and if I have my way it will be all over the house, as I dread the whole carpet-cleaning, carpet-replacing circus. I'll be you'll be happy with the new look, though, after all that work!

  2. We soooo need to do this, but I'm not looking forward to it!


  3. Oh my well I remember having wood floors installed throughout the living room and dining room of our previous house. The moving! The stuff! And more stuff! lol! Your new carpet will look so nice once you get all of your furniture back where it belongs. Enjoy!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  4. Oh Nancy I feel for you! It's like it never ends! Been there...done that only ours was wood floors on the whole first floor. Now we need new carpet in our bedrooms too.

  5. OMGosh, I know what a nightmare it is to install new carpet, but soooo well worth it.

    Thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat paperie and leaving the nice comment about my little French bench.

  6. What a project. We have that in our future, our carpet is sooo old and when we get ready to paint the living room we should get that done also. Hope all goes smooth for you, it will be great when it is all finished.

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  8. I needed a new kitchen floor and because I didn't look forward to the construction I decided to lay a "wood" paper floor. I was able to do section by section It was very relaxing, because each section was completed toatally. Sometimes I had to take a week off, because my plate was loaded, but no mess at all.

    My coinstruction projects always have to be organized, I guess you call OCD lol

    Thanks for all you wonderful posts.



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